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Pregnancy After an Abortion

If you’re considering abortion now or you’ve had one in the past, then you may be wondering what effect it could have on future pregnancies.

Can Having an Abortion Affect Fertility?

Having an abortion won’t usually have any effect on your future fertility. You will still be able to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and give birth safely. However, there is a small risk of abortion complications that could cause problems.

  • A small number of women who have an abortion could develop a serious infection, which might affect their fertility if it is not treated promptly. Any untreated infection in your reproductive system could develop into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and cause fertility problems, even if you haven’t had an abortion.
  • If you are having a surgical abortion then there is also a small chance that your cervix or uterus could be damaged. If the damage is bad enough then it could affect your fertility or put you at risk of complications such as cervical incompetence during pregnancy.

It's important for you to be aware of the risks of abortion when you’re deciding if it is right for you, but you should remember that the chance of serious complications is very low. Most women who have an abortion won’t experience any serious complications and will be able to have healthy pregnancies in the future.

The risks of abortion for future pregnancies tend to be exaggerated because we see them used as plot points in films or on TV. Remember that these are not accurate portrayals of abortion. Abortion is also a lot safer than it was in the past or in other countries where women do not have access to safe, legal abortions. When women have to rely on illegal abortions, there is a much higher risk of complications that can put their fertility and even their lives at risk. The abortions performed by doctors in the UK are very safe.

When Can I Get Pregnant After an Abortion?

Your fertility will return to normal right away after an abortion. You could get pregnant again within just a few weeks, so you’ll need to use contraception. Your menstrual cycle will usually start immediately, although there may be a slight delay if you had a later abortion as it can take a few weeks for your hormones to return to normal. Most women will ovulate about 14 days after an abortion. However, it could happen even sooner if you have a short or irregular cycle, so it’s important to use protection right away.

If you’re visiting the 132 Healthwise clinic in London to discuss abortion then it’s a good idea to ask the doctor for contraception advice too. You can get help choosing the right type of contraception to prevent any more unplanned pregnancies. The doctor can also fit you with a hormonal or copper coil at the same time as the abortion. A coil can provide long-lasting and reliable protection, so it can be a good choice if other kinds of contraception have let you down.

Having a Baby After an Abortion

Many women go on to have babies after having an abortion. The abortion shouldn’t have any impact on your fertility or pregnancy.

You can try for a baby right after an abortion, if you want. It’s best to wait at least a couple of weeks before having sex to give your body time to heal. You should also ensure that any complications such as infections or tears have been treated before you have sex again.

Most women won’t want to get pregnant this soon after an abortion, but it depends on your own personal circumstances. As long as you feel physically and emotionally ready to get pregnant, then the abortion won’t make any difference.

It’s always important to be sure that you’re ready to try for a baby, whether or not you’ve had an abortion. Becoming a parent is a huge decision that should never be taken lightly. If you have had an abortion in the past, you should also be aware that a new pregnancy could bring up some old emotions. Make sure that you get all the support you need from your partner, family, or your doctor.

If you have questions about the effects of abortion on future pregnancies, feel free to ask them during your consultation with Mr Michael Stafford at 132 Healthwise.

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