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Your Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant then there are three main options to consider. You can make an appointment at the 132 Healthwise clinic in London to discuss all of these options in detail with an experienced doctor.

Keeping the Baby

Many pregnancies are unplanned, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re unwelcome. You may decide that now is a good time to have a baby or that adding to your family will be a positive experience. If you’re not sure what to do about your pregnancy then it’s important to think realistically about what would happen if you became a parent now. You might want to consider the following points.

  • How would you support your child? Make sure that you know the financial implications of parenthood and think about how it would affect your life.
  • What support is available for families? Make sure that you know what you would be entitled to, including financial support like child benefit and free childcare, as well as support services in your area such as parent and baby classes.
  • Can your friends and family help? If you’re worried about how you would cope with parenthood then it’s a good idea to talk to the people around you. Your partner, parents, or other people may be able to provide financial or practical support. You will be entitled to financial support from the baby’s father.
  • How would having a baby affect your career or education? You are entitled to maternity leave if you become a parent. You may also be able to arrange flexible work hours when you return. Many employers and educational institutions can support you in other ways too.

However, it’s important to realise that having a baby will be a life-changing and challenging experience, even with all this support. Don’t assume that you can’t do it before considering the option seriously, but don’t underestimate the impact of parenthood either.

Giving the Baby Up for Adoption

If you aren’t able to keep the baby yourself, but you would prefer not to have an abortion, then adoption might be the right option for you. Adoption procedures in the UK depend on where you are living. Each region and local authority has its own procedures. You will need to contact your local authority or an adoption agency to find out exactly what you need to do, but the main options are:

  • An open adoption, where you are able to maintain some contact with the adoptive family, but you won’t have any rights to see your child or any legal responsibility for them.
  • A closed adoption, where you won’t be in contact with the adoptive family. Your child will still have the right to find out who you are when they become an adult.
  • Family adoptions if you have a relative who is willing and able to adopt your child and the local authority or adoption agency determines that they are suitable.
  • Fostering may also be an option if you aren’t able to care for a baby now, but you hope to be able to look after them in the future. You may be able to arrange fostering within your family instead of placing the child in foster care.

As well as learning more about the practicalities of adoption, it’s important to consider the emotional effect that it could have on you. How would you feel if you gave your baby up for adoption? How will you feel in the future if they decide to contact you or if they don’t want to?

Having an Abortion

Continuing with an unplanned pregnancy isn’t the right choice for everyone. You might not be able to raise the child yourself. Adoption might not feel like the right option for you. After considering all of the options you may decide that it is better to end your pregnancy. Women choose pregnancy termination for all kinds of reasons, including to protect their own health and mental wellbeing, or because they are unable to support the child.

Considering Your Choices

Deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy is an important and very personal process. It’s essential to learn about all of your options so that you can make the right choice for you. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so no one can tell you what to do. However, talking with Mr Michael Stafford at the 132 Healthwise clinic should help you to make your decision.

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