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Manual vacuum Aspiration

This method is offered up to 12 weeks gestation and if you are medically unsuitable or prefer not to have for a medical termination. It is a surgical procedure which avoids use of a general anaesthetic.

You will be seen for an initial consultation and counselling by Mr Michael Stafford at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road, Chelsea, where you will have a scan, an infection screen and blood tests.

The MVA pregnancy termination requires a two hour admission to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. You will be given a local anaesthetic for the procedure. MVA takes approximately 10 minutes, however you may be required to remain at the hospital for up to an hour afterwards. Patients can experience some discomfort, similar to heavy period pains however they don’t tend to last long.

A full explanation of the effects of the procedure will be given and Mr Stafford will be readily available for advice before and after the procedure.

The fee for the procedure is tailored to an individual's needs and a package price can be arranged if requested. A follow-up visit is included in the price.

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