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Termination Of Pregnancy

What to do about unwanted pregnancy

You might feel very unsure about being pregnant and whether you want the pregnancy to continue. Speaking to your GP could help or you could choose to contact our pregnancy termination clinic immediately.

A counsellor, friends, family or your partner may be able to help you feel at ease with your choices and help with your concerns. However, getting accurate and clear medical advice about what is involved might be key in finding the right answer for you.

At our London clinic there are three options for those considering a pregnancy termination.

In all cases it would be necessary to first make a consultation appointment with one of our doctors. At 132 Healthwise we can provide a completely neutral position for anyone in this situation and give pregnancy counselling as part of any decision making process.

Prior to any procedure taking place we will invite you for a consultation with one of our doctors. They will discuss your medical history and go over the risks and benefits. A nurse will take blood so we can test routinely your blood count and blood group and any blood variations unique to you. We would also request to carry out an ultrasound scan by a radiologist so we can date the pregnancy and then go over the specific options available to you for termination.

Ending a pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly and at 132 Healthwise we recognise that anyone looking for pregnancy termination options, needs the time and space to consider all alternatives. We understand that there could be many reasons someone decides they need to terminate their pregnancy, ranging from personal circumstances to medical concerns. We want to be sure people in our care are comfortable with their choice and offer support to patients whatever their end decision might be.

As well as the emotional considerations, at 132 Healthwise we can also offer support in the practical aspects of any of the procedures offered at our clinic. Like any other kind of medical procedure we want to make sure patients understand what to expect.

Whilst the pregnancy termination procedures offered at our London clinic are safe, it is important that the potential complications are highlighted in advance. At the initial consultation our doctor will go over the risks and make sure you are aware of any potential problems that could occur.

The length of the pregnancy may pre-determine which option is appropriate, but there could also be other considerations to be discussed with one of our doctors as part of the consultation. Our professional and impartial medical team could help you to reach the best decision for you. After the procedure you will need to rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat well and ideally take a few days off work. Strenuous exercise, swimming and bathing should be avoided for around 2 weeks. You shouldn’t use anything vaginally for around 2-4 weeks. Do not have sex during this time. Wait until you are emotionally ready before resuming sexual activity. Discuss with your partner how you will prevent becoming pregnant again. If you are feeling particularly low or desperate following a pregnancy termination, contact us for counselling support.

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